How do I make a referral?

Health Visiting
Professionals can get in touch with the Bexley 0 to 19 service by calling 0300 330 5777 or by emailing


All referrals from whatever source (including children, young people and families transferring into area) will receive a response to the referrer within 5 working days, with contact made with the child, young person or family within 10 working days.


Timings for mandated health reviews will be followed (for example newborn visit) ideally within 10–14 days of the birth date.


Urgent referrals, including all safeguarding referrals will receive a same day or next working day response to the referrer and contact within 2 working days and be in line with Local Safeguarding procedures.


School Nursing
As part of the Bexley 0 to 19 service, Bromley Healthcare provide a named 5-19 years School Nurse linked to each school with an agreed schedule of regular contact meetings for referrals and collaborative service delivery. Schools Nurses are alert to and actively promote the Information Advice and Support Service with the children and young people with SEND that they see.


Output of the Vision Screening programme:

Visual acuity is tested with a linear crowded logMAR letter test as defined in PHE guidance resources. For onward referrals, the referral criteria for the Crowded logMAR test (Keeler) is one or both eyes with visual acuity of 0.225 or worse for referral to the orthoptic community service.